Comic Con News

The Comic Convention industry has taken the toughest hit its ever seen. Covid 19, States authority to restrict events, and the divisive nature of the nation have created a world where events like a comic book convention might seem irrelevant and unimportant. This promoter finds that idea to be ludicrous and the division is moving in at Ludicrous Speed.

Comic Book Conventions have been and will be again, the release of anger and division in a creative flurry of development, inclusion, and imagination. We will see again a time where everything isn’t political, cancel culture doesn’t destroy the creative spirit, and the health of our fan base is considered first and foremost in the scheduling of events. We will find a place in the world where celebrity guests are part of the process of making our events safer and not the place holders for content. We will look to have fewer celebrity guests but more programming. Fewer vendors, but more diversity in products and services. No longer will we try to pack small venues with revenue generating obstacles but to provide the most space for the maximum amount of safe content, guests, and products. Islands of vendors instead of never-ending rows. Hours of operation that are conducive to the health of our vendors as well as the most accessible times for fans coming from across the nation.

We will provide virtual content for those who can’t make it to the event safely and provide in person content in the most safe way possible without regard to profits while lowering costs of traditional content to ensure the viability of a safe and fun event. We will reduce marketing dollars to add safety shields. We will reduce audio visual services where possible to add disinfectant hand washing stations. We will reduce the number of guests from similar genres so we can afford the most current and desirable guests from the hottest shows.

We will need our fans help to make this successful. Stay tuned for 2021 schedules and events. We are optimistic that our industry’s creativity will be the very thing that saves us.