Comics in Film Festival is a film festival that encourages film makers to explore the comic book and pop culture world that has inspired the comic con phenomenon and media as a whole. Short films, features, documentaries, and trailers, we want to see it all. All of our winning shows are also screened by Academy Award Winning Producer Phillip B Goldfine and his team at Hollywood Media Bridge for potential distribution.

Schedule of screenings to come. Accepting submissions now.

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Comics in Film Festival
Free Film Screening Schedule

4:00 – 6:00 Twilight Saga
Parental Discretion advised
6:00-8:00 NM Premiere of Portal Intro Q&A with Myk Watford

10:00-12:00pm Gunslingers Billy the Kid w Celeb Q&A afterward
12:00-2:00 Portal w Celeb Intro Q&A
2:00-4:00 Descendants w Celeb Intro Q&A
4:00-6:00 Mrs Doubtfire W Celeb Intro Q&A

11:00-12:00 Oliver and Company
12:00-2:00 w Celebrity Intro Ghost Busters 1
2:00-4:00 Ghostbusters 2
5:00 Descendants