Hello Santa Fe Comic Con attendees and welcome to our show, the Masquerade cosplay contest! More than a cosplay contest, this gives contestants a chance to participate in showing off your beautiful costumes on stage.  Whether you want to give a little song and dance or just strut your stuff and let everyone see the beautiful costumes that you have all created. Our host  will be your liaison for the night as she entertains and makes the crowd laugh and just maybe might bring one or two people up on stage to participate during halftime.
 The masquerade takes care of both the children’s division and adults.
Children’s cosplay contest starts promptly at 5pm. We happily invite kids from toddlers to age 12 to join. Younger children MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please start to line up 15 mins before show time at the contest location. The location is the main panel room of the con Marked at Panel Room A in yellow. Prizes awarded are 1st 2nd and 3rd place.
*Cosplay contest will start promptly at 6:15 PM.
 * You must have made your own costume or as much of the costume as possible, at least 25% or more made by you.  This means no store-bought costumes.  We are judging your costume on your creativity and talents of how you decided to put your costume together.
*  Costumes must not have any liquid or substances that could cause a mess on the stage. If you have props they must follow this same rule no fire or explosive materials are allowed.
*  Please make sure your costume isn’t too revealing, this is a family event where we welcome kids and family’s. If you want to make sure your costume can be allowed on stage please feel free to contact head Masquerade supervisor(TBD)
*  We ask all cosplayers to line up at 6 PM  before the masquerade promptly starts at 6:15 PM that way you guys are able to have your weapons checked and come join everyone at the Masquerade location.
*  We do have microphones so if you would like to do a small skit song or speech you can. Time on stage allowed for one or two people is under 1 min. Any dialogue you wish to say has to be approved before hand by our judges to make sure language is clean and family friendly and it is not in any way negative or derogatory . To have your skit approved for any speech or singing, please E mail TBD.
*   Make sure you are able to move comfortably and freely on stage in your costume, bigger more elaborate costumes that acquire help getting off and on the stage are welcome but we ask you bring a helper to come with you to get you off and on stage.
* To make sure we don’t rush judging and can look in detail at your costumes and talk with you one on one,we advise you to stop by in your costume you wish to compete in at our judges booths during convention hours to have your costume looked at for craftsmanship. This is the best way to look at your cosplays to determine award categories such as
Best of show
Best craftsmanship
1st $100 and 2 tickets to Albuquerque Comic Con
2nd and $50 and 2 tickets to Albuquerque Comic Con
3rd place awards. $50 and 2 tickets to Albuquerque Comic Con
You are able to bring us your costume earlier in the day Saturday before the contest starts or even Friday. You don’t have to wear it if you prefer to save the surprise for the show. But please bring it for us to see. If you have props that go with it as well, you can always show us picture and video if you like so we can see your technique and how you made it. How do you the judges tables? Easy! All three judges tables will be set up right next to each other.
Are your contest judges and cosplay guests of the convention.
There is also a handy Facebook cosplay events page. There you can see updates and more information. If you have any questions you wish they can be answered there too. Just click on the
Rosanna Rocha, Lizzie Blaze, Bbyeyez, and Ashe Kai will all be available for help and advice prior to the event.
We wish you all good luck and can’t wait to see your beautiful costumes!

Santa Fe Comic Con Cosplay Rules


Cosplay is an important part of our event. We look forward to seeing all the costumes and getting the largest turn out possible for the Costume Contest.

Rules: No costumes with excessive appendages that are unmanageable by the wearer without an assistant to guide the appendages and keep everyone safe.

No costumes that are less material than a bathing suit you’d wear to a family reunion. Your full butt must be covered, and you can have cleavage, or under boob, but not both. No pink parts, and pasties are not appropriate for this family event. Sorry for the vulgarity, but the specifics have to be lined out so we don’t have to ruin someones experience by asking someone to cover up.

Not consent: Cosplayers are dressed as their favorite fictional character, they aren’t in fact those characters so it is important to remember that when engaging with the cosplayer. Do not touch unless they approve, and please respect the requests of each cosplayer. If you have been found to disobey this request you will be removed and banned from all of our events for life. Not a fun crowd to be in. If you have been the victim of unwanted advances or intentional unwanted physical contact alert con staff immediately. Take a picture of the goon if you can.

We have a cosplay recovery room, so please locate that on the map and when you arrive as soon as possible for all of your cosplay repair needs.

Prop Policy

No Prop that appears to be real or could be real will not be permitted. No real appearing guns, even with orange tips will be permitted. Nerf Guns will be permitted after examination. Do not paint them to look real. No metal swords or daggers will be permitted. Wood, Flexible foam, and cardboard only.

All props are subject to review on the day. Safety is our primary concern.