Cosplay FAQ

Props that look like real guns will not be permitted. Not even with orange tips.

Props made of foam, wood, cardboard, that can’t be confused with a real weapon will be permitted once cleared through the weapons check station. No metal weapons at all. No metal blades, toy guns, or dangerous items will be allowed in. If your prop gun looks real from any distance it will not be permitted.  Do not paint your prop gun to look real even if it is a fictional weapon. All props are subject to inspection and they will be determined to be safe at the doors.

Dress Code:

Please no pink parts. Public bathing suit coverage must be the base. 60% of backside of both men and women, and 60% of female breasts must be covered (semi private breast feeding areas will be provided if you choose not to use a cover- please inquire at the entrance or with a volunteer). Full groin coverage for both men and women (dance belts or cups must be worn. no genitals visible under clothes will be permitted).  If your cosplay is more revealing (ex:Leeloo bandage outfit) please use a body suit under the cosplay.

We are no longer bringing in any professional cosplayers as GUESTS.

Instead we are focusing on cosplayers as attendees to be the stars of the cosplay community. We will still be inviting experienced cosplayers to host our contests, panels, and special programing, but they will no longer be featured as guests like a comic book creator or film star. It is our hope to put the fun and focus back into our local attendees. We are in no way disparaging professional cosplayers, just streamlining our show. All professional Cosplayers are welcome to buy a booth and even qualify for Artist Alley if they are selling their own prints and creations.