Iron Fist

Light Saber Fighting Class
Lauren Mary Kim as you know is the stunt double for so many of our current modern female action heroes. But one of her most iconic roles is that she is the motion capture artist for Ahsoka Tano. That means she is literally the one responsible for all of the action in the animated Clone Wars jedi combat scenes. Would you like to learn to fight like the Jedi Ahsoka Tano? This is your chance.
What you will need is:
1) A light saber. Something safe, lightweight, and functional. A 1′ pvc pipe is awesome. Cover it with a pool noodle if you are feeling aggressive.
2) Limber up. She will be teaching you to move and fight and swing like your life depended on it. Darth Maul could be right around the corner.
3) buy your ticket here on this page. It is literally the only place to buy a ticket to this. You will print out your receipt and bring it with you.
4) Saturday at 1pm and/or Sunday at 1pm you will need to be at the designated room (this page will be updated regularly to help direct you)
5) Get your saber on!

Some light saber making links for fun. (we just googled these so you can google more)

Power Rangers Stunts

Lauren Mary Kim is both stunt actress and double for many of the industries top franchises and characters. Mandalorian double for multiple characters, Clone Wars Motion Capture Performer, and even action actor in tv shows like Iron Fist. Her body of work spans most of our favorite licenses, ask her what her favorite franchise is.