Santa Fe Comic Con Photo Ops 2021

October 22-24, 2021

  • Please print your ticket or have it available on a mobile device. You will need to present the QR code when you line up for the photo op.
  • Ticket to the show is required.
  • 4 people allowed per photo-op. Additional people requires the purchase of another photo-op ticket.
  • Cash sales only at the event.
  • Tickets are refundable until the Wednesday prior to the show; please contact us if you need a refund. After that, tickets are non-refundable except in the event of a guest cancellation.
  • Add-ons are not refundable, but transferable to another photo-op or event.
  • Add-ons useable for only 1 photo-op.
  • Photo-op times are subject to change; you are responsible for checking for the most updated schedule.
  • Autographs are NOT included in the photo-op sale NOR allowed in the photo-op room.
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to photo-op time.
  • Photo-op schedule will not be released until 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • Photo-op tickets are swappable and upgradeable on your confirmation page.

  Time Slot Saturday Sunday     Celebrities      
  11:00 AM   Cosplay Guests     Alan Fernandes      
  11:15 AM   Sean Kanan     Andrew Bryniarski      
  11:30 AM   Lezlie Deane     Anthony Michael Hall      
  11:45 AM   Lauren Mary Kim & Emily Swallow     C Andrew Nelson      
  12:00 PM Dameon Clarke Lauren Mary Kim or Emily Swallow     C Thomas Howell CANCELLED    
  12:15 PM Luci Christian Aleks Paunovic     Dameon Clarke   Dameon Clarke Yes – Voice Actor
  12:30 PM Dana Ashbrook Anthony Michael Hall     Dana Ashbrook   Luci Christian Yes- Voice actress
  12:45 PM C Andrew Nelson Ernie Reyes Jr     Darcy Demoss   Ricco Fajardo Yes- Voice actor
  1:00 PM Alan Fernandes John JBL Layfield     Deborah Foreman   Tom Fridley Yes-Actor
  1:15 PM John Philbin John Philbin     Emily Swallow   Wendy Hoopes Yes – Actress
  1:30 PM John JBL Layfield Alan Fernandes     Ernie Reyes Jr      
  1:45 PM Ernie Reyes Jr Andrew Bryniarski     John JBL Layfield      
  2:00 PM Anthony Michael Hall C Andrew Nelson     Judith Hoag      
  2:15 PM Lauren Mary Kim & Emily Swallow Dana Ashbrook     Lauren Mary Kim      
  2:30 PM Lauren Mary Kim or Emily Swallow Darcy Demoss     Lezlie Deane   Jason Meents NO – Comic
  2:45 PM Aleks Paunovic Deborah Foreman     Luci Christian   Lary Welz NO – Comic
  3:00 PM Andrew Bryniarski Judith Hoag     Ricco Fajardo      
  3:15 PM Darcy Demoss Dameon Clarke     Sean Kanan      
  3:30 PM Deborah Foreman Luci Christian     Tom Fridley      
  3:45 PM Judith Hoag Ricco Fajardo     Wendy Hoopes      
  4:00 PM Lezlie Deane Tom Fridley     Aleks Paunovic      
  4:15 PM Sean Kanan Wendy Hoopes     Tait Fletcher      
  4:30 PM Ricco Fajardo Tait Fletcher     Cosplay Guests      
  4:45 PM Tom Fridley              
  5:00 PM Wendy Hoopes              
  5:15 PM Tait Fletcher              
  5:30 PM Cosplay Guests              
    Con Closes at 6pm Con Closes at 5pm